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The Value of Internal Communications, Part 1

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There are a number of reasons why internal communications can improve your corporate culture. As some of your newer employees belong to the Gen X and Millennial generations, it may be that you need to shift your strategy toward their goals. That’s why internal communications play a greater role than ever before in aligning the workforce behind common goals. Internal communications are valuable to your company—no matter what size—for all of the following reasons:

Internal communications that function well can motivate employees to work toward common goals. Asking “why” in our working lives is the search for a sense of reason and purpose. Employees want to understand their goals and know the plans for reaching them. A sense of knowing and understanding adds to the confidence and contributions toward those plans. Also, showing how others achieve their goals is a highly effective and motivational way to share information about achievements. Reaching goals together increases the feeling of teamwork and progress.

Employees should learn company news from an internal source. It’s important to make internal points of view available—not just during times of crisis, but also in day-to-day operations. The internal communications system needs to flow through fast, interactive, and reliable channels to reach all employees. Once this system is working properly, your company is sure to remain in control of its messages.

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Effective Process Improvement Initiatives, Part 2

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To continue from our first blog on “Effective Process Improvement Initiatives,” the procedures below may help to get positive responses across the company when you are introducing a process improvement initiative. Many companies don’t grow because they spend all of their energy fixing broken processes. While it’s important to address bottlenecks and other problems, a more productive approach is to evaluate procedures that are not broken.

Make It Easy for Employees to Respond
Make sure you encourage employees to share ideas and suggestions. It helps to set up a designated email address to which employees can send their suggestions and comments. You can also establish a private group for sharing feedback on social media. Let employees know that their leadership is open to hearing both positive and negative feedback

Enhance Training Programs
Focus on process improvement during the employee hiring process and then continue to enhance in detail during the training process. Take note of the following items to help you focus on training programs:

  • Teach employees how to spot inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement.
  • Educate employees about documentation of roles and assigned tasks.
  • Highlight the need for consistency.
  • Use blended learning with a multi-media approach that involves a combination of live and online learning activities.

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