Business Improvement Services

A consulting service with business process, accounting, finance, and human resource expertise dedicated to improving the value of client organizations through strategic and effective changes in their business processes.

Your non-manufacturing supporting business systems are critical to successful operation. Your business, as a system of interrelated areas, relies on these processes to support the more visible aspects of the business - those transformation processes that change raw material into your marketable product or service. For an effective enterprise your business processes must operate at the same high-level of performance. Shouldn't you give them the same level of attention you do to the "core business?"

We believe so. That's why we focused the ProGuide Business Improvement Services on your supporting business system. To make it as efficient and effective as the core of your business.

Our services include:

  • Strategic candidate selection
  • Employee orientation and integration
  • Account Payable (A/P) reconciliation and rationalization
  • Account Receivable (A/R) collection enhancement
  • Cash flow improvement