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Choosing the Right Process Improvement Consultant, Part 2

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To continue expanding the information in “Choosing the Right Process Improvement Consultant, Part 1,” although it’s fine to choose a consultant with industry experience different from yours, you don’t want to choose a consultant from a vastly different industry. For example, you wouldn’t choose a process improvement consultant who specialized in finance if your company sells wholesale food products. While all of your prospective consultant’s experience doesn’t have to be the same as in your industry, some knowledge of the processes in your industry is helpful.

Another decision you’ll face is whether to hire a singular consultant or choose to work with a firm. Because the process of improvement is an ongoing situation that takes place in steps, you need to feel 100 percent comfortable that your needs and expectations can be met on time, on your agreed-upon budget, and on an estimated return on your investment.

Also, you shouldn’t choose your process improvement consultant based on the lowest rate you can find. That’s because you want an expert who is capable of improving all of your operational and financial performances.  If possible, it’s best to choose your consultant based on his or her value and ROI.

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