DEW Engineering"...we have improved our key measure of productivity more than 35%, reduced manufacturing cycle time by 45%, decreased our inventory by 30%, and have greatly enhanced our ability to deliver our product on time and complete. Yet, the single most important benefit DEW has derived from this initiative has been the ability of ProGuide staff to inspire our people. ProGuide has encouraged DEW employees to change positively and completely the culture of our company."

President & Chief Operating Officer, DEW Engineering & Development

United Blood Services“ProGuide has assisted with the implementation, not just the development of the plan. Your team has developed processes that increase production, and decrease costs. The impact has been both immediate and dramatic.”

“The project results exceeded the goals established. In fact, with our current performance level, we will get a payback of more than 3 to 1 for each dollar invested in this process.”

Executive Vice President of Operations

Mississippi Blood"ProGuide's approach is a very methodical one. They analyze your processes, your people, and your culture. After thorough examination of these areas, they begin to make recommendations on how you can improve.

There are a number of tools that they use. One significant tool is the utilization of Performance Improvement Teams (PITs).These teams are made up of associates from all levels of the organization.

ProGuide works with these groups utilizing numerous statistical tools to help examine root causes of problems and inefficiencies. Not only do these teams resolve performance issues, but by their make-up, you get buy-in from all levels of the organization.

I am very pleased with the results that we have thus far achieved and know that we will continue to see those improvements over the coming months and years."

President & CEO

National Steel Car“I did not picture the task of assessing and improving our complex, highly regulated Quality Assurance Program as an easy one for PMR. Yet, within a period of only three months, we were able to outline the weaknesses of our then-present system and develop ways to improve it. We then set out, as a team, to make these necessary improvements. Even now, after only a few months, we have witnessed marked changes in the plant's mentality toward quality issues. In fact, the promised savings continue to mount. Compared against the initial investment, the savings calculates to a nearly 4:1 ROI.”

Director, Quality Assurance & Inspection

Teas of Britain
“Our productivity substantially outperformed the Leith facility. Also, input from our supervisory and management corps was used to solve problems and each member of our management team received comprehensive training to help them make better decisions focusing on “how can I improve my department’s performance. We were especially pleased with the work in our distribution and warehousing areas, where a restructuring allowed for us to decrease staff significantly while increasing customer satisfaction and cutting our inventories.”

Managing Director

Gambro"...thank your team for assisting us in strategically evaluating several potential new business streams. Your process was eye opening in several regards, but mostly I commend your objective approach to eliminating ideas that were often considered to be viable next steps for our company."

President, Gambro-BCT

"Naturally, we at first were concerned that your group would put a great burden on our staff’s time. However, that fear was quickly laid to rest. We found that your staff was professional, courteous and considerate of our time. The quality and accuracy of the work, as well as the effort your group put into this study was exceptional. We were impressed with the understanding your team quickly came to in determining the deficiencies of our operation. The straightforward quantification methods used and shown during the presentation made it very easy and clear to visualize and, therefore, equally as easy to buy into your process."

Vice President, Textron Automotive Company - Evart Operations

Gen-Probe"We recently concluded our second PRIDE Project, this time in our QA, QC, Validation, Clinical Trials, and Regulatory Compliance Departments.

We surpassed our initial savings goal of achieving $1,500,000 and should reach $2,000,000 in due course. ProGuide identified areas where we had excess staffing, underutilized capacities, and inefficient processes.

Further, ProGuide streamlined the spans of control, restructured the departments, and relocated some structural elements into a more reasonable reporting relationship with our R&D and Operations units. Finally, we had no issues with the FDA."
Vice President of Finance

"...we hoped to leverage the launch of our next generation product with a goal of increasing our sales by approximately 15%. And with your help, we did so! Further, your efforts in the Service arena allowed us to build what we hope will be the industry leading service and support for a complicated new product."

EVP, Sales, Gen-Probe

Memorial Blood Centers"MBC engaged ProGuide to assist us in improving our operational performance as we embarked on a dramatic growth plan for our organization. We have already seen a significant positive impact on our organization, ranging from the improved financial results to the "buy-in" of our staff for the continuous improvement process afforded by this project. I would recommend any potential client give serious consideration to the skills that ProGuide Management Resources can deliver."

Chief Executive Officer, Memorial Blood Centers

American Red Cross“Soon after our administrative merger, we were fortunate to utilize the services of PMR and its principals to help us maximize the strengths and minimize, if not eliminate, the weaknesses of our new entity. I began this working relationship with PMR with the requisite level of skepticism and hesitancy but soon became a devotee of their approach to consulting. The operational and organizational work done by PMR has imbued within my supervisory and front line staffs a sense of never being satisfied with current productivity and effectiveness. By giving them the skills to continually improve processes, staffs have loosened their grip on the past and consistently stretch towards the future.”

Chief Executive Officer

Cadbury“We engaged the PMR team to assist us in turning around the performance of our Welsh chocolate factory in Merthyr Tydfil. This was a comprehensive, wall-to-wall restructuring of our many departments. Our net result was a return on our investment approaching three pounds saved for each pound invested in this consulting effort: remarkable! The consultants aided us in achieving success by working with our management and personnel, not against them or in a vacuum. They jointly developed numerous strategies for correcting the many problems. And though a staff reduction was indeed recommended and redundancies taken, the bulk of the savings resulted from operational improvements, method changes, organization restructuring and improved communication. This was all brought about by a no-nonsense approach to teamwork and management development of the front-line supervisors.”

Managing Director

Canadian Blood Services"Canadian Blood Services engaged ProGuide Management Resources in September 2002 to drive a "mission critical initiative" as part of our efforts to transform our organization.

We are pleased to say that after 36 weeks of intensive on-site engagement, our joint efforts have produced outstanding results. Our key measure of productivity (Labor Hours per Unit) has decreased more than 20%, collections have increased almost 13%, and out operations savings/cost avoidance is averaging $100,000 per week!

All of this equates to a return on our investment of nearly 400%The best testament to our satisfaction is the fact that we have expanded the scope of our original project with you, having launched the "PRIDE" initiative into another one of our centers.

We are confident that, together, we will achieve the same outstanding results."

Chief Executive Officer

Virginia Blood Services"I am fully satisfied that you delivered what you promised when we started down this path more than seven months ago. We experienced a return on our investment of nearly 3:1 and expect to continue to enjoy the benefits of this engagement."

Chief Executive Officer, Virginia Blood Services

Alcan“Having just completed our three-year project with PMR, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for their fine work. In November 1990 we set out on a course with you to improve the Production Planning function at the Hannibal Rolling Mill.

We had no idea then that we would retain you and your team for three years to tackle other diverse issues throughout the plant. Similarly, we never expected to achieve a turn-around of millions of dollars, moving the facility from $5MM loss in 1990 to a $17MM profit in 1993. We are grateful for your diligence and teamwork and, yes, even the camaraderie that you embedded within our management team. Though the process of change was painful at times, we always believed that we were working jointly toward common goals.”

Senior Vice President of Manufacturing & Plant Manager, Hannibal Rolling Mill
Chief Financial Officer, Hannibal Rolling Mill

Metrovias"We achieved a substantial financial improvement from this project, returning more than $8,000,000 on our $2,000,000 investment. This was accomplished by reducing energy costs, focusing on preventing accidents and injuries, balancing our trains to meet customer demand - by the day and the hour - and streamlining our staffing.

We also focused great attention on preventive maintenance and standardizing our rolling stock to reduce the need for many spares."

Chief Financial Officer

British Rail"The outcome of the project has been our ability to downsize the organization substantially and reduce those assets and resources that were being under-utilized. I must mention the excellent leadership and the team’s perseverance through the difficulties associated with workdays exceeding twelve hours, all the political issues and the thick union resistance. PMR helped us realize savings of a significant magnitude and got us ready for the competitive nature of British Rail’s privatization.”

ISU Manager, BRIS Scotland.