ProGuide Management Resources is a global management consulting company based in the United States. Our consultants have exceptional experience and have worked with companies across the United States, Europe, Canada, Argentina, and Puerto Rico towards such strategic objectives as improving operational and financial performance, strengthening business skill sets, development and implementation of internal quality improvement systems, aligning operations for congruency with business strategy, and enhancing organizational alignment for improved communication, coordination, and collaboration.

These change initiatives have significantly raised client's corporate performance and increased shareholder value. When you partner with ProGuide, your company can and will become more efficient, productive and profitable.

ProGuide, a trusted colleague in optimizing performance and maximizing profitability, is a proven corporate partner in operational development and business process improvement. Our reputation as strategic thinkers who lead the implementation phase of our engagements guarantees that we shall jointly-working intensively with our clients-achieve organizational effectiveness and enhance business competitiveness.

ProGuide partners with companies for cost-effective, near-term improvement as well as longer-term competitiveness and profitability enhancements. We act as a navigational guide through the turbulent sea of organizational change and marketplace transformations. We collaborate with clients to chart a direct course toward performance excellence!

ProGuide consultants bring a new, objective and fresh perspective that helps businesses achieve measurable and sustainable results. We have dedicated seasoned resources for solving complex client problems and for helping your business secure a competitive position in today's marketplace.

ProGuide clients are long-term partners whom ask us to return and help them with new and shifting challenges. Our partners have been our best source of advertising! Eighty percent of our business comes from client-partner recommendations. We are confident that these recommendations result from strong operational performance improvement. They also result from the strong associated financial performance improvement.

"Improve Your Performance. Guaranteed."


To enhance our position as a trusted business partner, helping our clients build competitive excellence.


To strengthen our position as a trusted business consulting organization serving a diverse client base in the Americas and Europe with value-enabling services across a wide range of organizational and operational needs. We act as a credible resource to our business partners in their efforts to improve operational efficiencies and their competitive position.


  • We provide quantifiable, value-based consulting services
  • We partner with our clients to achieve organization and operation improvement goals
  • We assist our clients through the implementation of the improvement initiatives
  • We maintain strict confidentiality with our clients
  • We enter into projects only after reaching mutually defined and agreed project objectives
  • We provide our clients with clear financial measurements for project success
  • We provide holistic solutions focusing on the root cause and not problem symptoms
  • We assume a shared risk and success posture with our partners
  • We understand that our strength and success is a reflection of our people.