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Welcome to the ProGuide blog. Here we plan to share articles with you that enlighten, enhance, or just interest you about the world of management consulting. We want to touch on such topics as “improving the customer experience” and obtaining a Lean 6 Sigma certificate. Our firm, which is based in Fort Lauderdale, has worked with global clients for more than 25 years. The blog topics we plan to explore include our areas of expertise, which are:

  • Business Optimization
  • Educational Offerings
  • Supply Chain Skills
  • M&A Advisory

As well as being informative, we plan to post business tips and guides to help you give your business a boost. We want to connect with you through shared interests and goals. Check out how ProGuide approaches “change initiatives” in our business assessment services. We welcome your questions and comments. Feel free to call us at (954) 334-1275 or send an email to Patrick@proguide.biz/.  We look forward to serving you soon.

Thank you for your interest in ProGuide. We value your time and are excited to share our different perspectives on business tactics and strategies. As we address topics that are relevant to you and the growth of your business, we hope to help you solve some of your business challenges while building up your customer base and bottom-line profitability.