Choosing the Right Process Improvement Consultant, Part 1

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When you decide to partner with a process improvement consultant you want to be sure about several items before you begin to work together. Before you come even close to making a decision be sure to review the consultant’s track record. He or she should have quantifiable proof of what they have done for other businesses. The important part of their previous consulting jobs is to review the before-and-after snapshots of previous contracts. A proven track record is worth much more than hollow promises and blustery language.

It may not matter whether your new consultant has worked in an industry like yours in the past. It’s best not to limit your options by only looking for consultants who have direct experience in your industry or niche. If you use industry experience as your main criterion for choosing your process improvement consultant you are imposing false limits on our choices. That’s because you have a whole company full of employees who are thoroughly knowledgeable about your business, so there’s little need to choose a consultant on that metric alone. The primary purpose of your consultant is to help your team learn how to make changes that lead to continuous improvement of the processes that are already in place.

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